Thursday, April 21, 2005

could it be?

just when i thought that i was in some sort of love, it dies off. i guess the work load as a lot to do with it...nevertheless, it worries me. what if what i had was a mere infatuation caused by years deprivation? oh fudge. i know myself, i knew this kinda thing happens and it has happened before and that was one of the reasons i stopped dating...but for it to repeat itself. that's scary. i do like dom nicky. he's nice...really sweet. and i'm thinking it might be a good time to bail out whilst i'm still ahead. come to think of it, it might be commitment phobia.

i'm stressed out with my assignments. i haven't stopped working on them for 2 weeks straight with no break in between. i'm wasted and i believe that the educational system has abused me. damn slave drivers. i have about 4 days to complete a catalogue. which means no rest this weekend either. my alternate plan is to rough it out, to not sleep for the next two days and finish the damn thing and enjoy the 3 day weekend.

and my eyes won't stop twitching. what the hell does that mean? argh!


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