Sunday, April 17, 2005

an interesting thought on a crappy saturday

an interesting thought sprang to mind as i was working on my assignment. so i picked up my phone and i texted nicky, "dude...have u ever thought of joining the mile high club and have me ride the friendly skies ;)?" and i swear, his response couldn't have been quicker. like a split second later, there he my inbox "yea i like that in the plane. now i have a hard on and i've got 3 hours on the coach to munich."

so yea, i think i know what i'll be doing this june during winter break. get on a plane without having a thought for destination...well as long as it's up there for the next 30 -45 minutes, i'll be happy.

there are a couple of things that we've agreed on over the phone. he asked me a week ago on what my sexual fantasies were. i asked him the same old thing and we've concluded on a couple of "acts".

[a] getting tied up, or cuffed to the bedpost.
[b] filming
[c] outdoor sex
[d] role play
[e] mile high
[f] take on the karmasutra
[g] play with a dildo/vibrator

honestly, i've only known him for 2 months at most...but i feel so damn comfortable with him. it's amazing. he's much older than me, which is a turn on...a big turn on. i could get wet just thinking about him. we started of as a fling thing but it got quite emotional after a month. and i guess currently, we're sort of seeing each other. there was this one time where he told me he loved me and i freaked out and ran into his house. that was just me being silly. but hey, if he would say it now, i would be more than glad.

how often does a girl come upon a guy who buys her beer, get her cigarettes, feeds her, fucks her great, buy her toys and somehow sort of loves her? this man is a keeper. and i could possibly beat up any other woman with a rubber dildo if she tries to screw up my sex life.

anyways he's still in germany. damn this unecessary sex deprivation. give me my dick back.


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