Friday, April 15, 2005

a kiwi encounter.

i was on a sex drought for 2 years and more. and it was horrendous. looking back now, i have no idea how i managed through it. however i know that part of it was caused by [what i thought was] a good relationship that ended quite painfully. but that was years ago back in 2002 and maybe one day i'll pour it all out but for the time being, i'd rather write about the man that brought me through chastity. a great man; both well gifted and talented in more ways than one.

one night my house mate got me to head down to the bar with her. i was reluctant at first at the thought of a dodgy looking bar compared to where i usually go to - more upscale bars/clubs. when i was sworn into celibacy - alcohol n drugs were my only retreat. it was an 'aloha' night at the bar which meant a free pool filled with vodka and a 2 for 1 priced pints. so i went. my housemate went before me because i had a few art work to get done. when i got there, the bar was full and it took quite a while through drunken human traffic before i found them sitting around an alcohol drenched table. she was there with some other of her friends from a language school, plus her beau was there too. so soon enough, she left for the dance floor with ranae. i was there with a bunch of people that don't know much english. it was excrutiating to have to repeat myself five times to those boys.

but to my far left, there was a group of people with name tags stuck to their shirts and i was quite curious on why they were wearing them. so i approached the guy sitted nearest to my left. i was like, dude, what's up with the name tag. so he explained that he was from this tourism company and it was a tourism night for them and so on and so forth. so we talked somemore and that was it. somehow he didn't ask for my number. he gave me his business card with his personal phone number on it and he made me promise to call him. in an hour or so he left for a burger with his colleagues. and i was waiting for my housemate. we were there for another 30 -45 minutes before we left for a whopper meal ourselves. and there he was eating his grub at burger king. we joined his table but he was seated far off from me. my housemate and i were talking on a bunch of bullshit when he was up to leave. but before he did, he came up to me and said 'remember to give me a call' signaling me to call him all the way to the exit.

and usually i'm not into this 'give me a call' crap from the bar. but celibacy was taking a toll, he was cute and he was much older than i was....which i find to be very sexy. so i got my phone and texted him 'hi awesome nick, here's my number n it was nice talking to ya'. then i got a text from him and soon we were on our first date.

throughout the whole date, i had an irresistable urge to jump on him, rip his shirt of and hump him like a rabbit. there was just something about him. it might have been the male cologne that i have sorely missed, it might have been his age or his incredible body...or it could have been his car. whatever it was, it convinced me to take a short trip up to the north with him. and that's when the doors of chastity flew open and orgasms broke loose. ooh carnal bliss.


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